The Nineteenth International Conference of the Israel Society for Quality

Jerusalem, Israel, October 22-24, 2012
Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel
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Dear Colleague,

It is my honor to invite you to participate in the Israel Society for Quality’s (ISQ) 19th International Quality Conference. The conference will take place from the 22-24th of October, 2012 in the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem, Israel.
The ISQ international conferences are the second largest quality conferences in the world with more than 2,000 participants from Israel and other countries. These guests represent many countries and quality societies and bring various quality cultures to the conference.
The conference theme is Quality in an Era of Globalization and reflects the changes in today’s world. When we read the introduction of the Israel National Quality Award’s regulations we see that the aim of the program is to promote quality in Israeli organizations so that they can compete in the global market. Today this market may be called a “global village” where everyone competes, boundaries are lost and many organizations become international concerns with branches around the world. Suppliers and manufacturers are measured for on time delivery, quality and how they respond. Programs such as the National Quality Award, standards and customer requirements are necessary for competing in this gigantic “village”.
Quality people are leaders in the integration of quality and excellence in all levels and sectors. They are also involved in the supply chain and in responding to customers various communications. But do they have the knowledge, the tools and the methods to lead effectively? We find ourselves dealing more and more with short term goals, an excess of tasks, technologies that are continually changing, and demands to manage a variety of assignments.
Our biggest problem is a lack of time, especially for advancement and learning. The conference is an excellent place to solve this problem. We will deal with the many subjects and themes that are listed in this brochure. You will meet experts from various quality fields that will present methodologies, ideas, expertise and solutions. You will be able to meet them for coffee or around the lunch table. You will have the opportunity to learn about techniques and new ideas from colleagues of other nations. Just a small piece of advice - turn off your cell phone and laptop and give yourself some time for personal development.
The conference also marks the beginning of the 40th anniversary of the ISQ. You can meet the founders and members of the society; learn about its history and activities. You will be able to learn about its contribution to the state, industries and the quality profession in Israel. Come and celebrate this event with us.

Sincerely yours,
Gideon Roth
Conference Chair
ISAS International Seminars
P.O. Box 574, Jerusalem 91004, Israel  Tel: 972-2-6520574  Fax: 972-2-6520558
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